The Top 10 New Year's Resolutions From Our Readers

The Top 10 New Year's Resolutions From Our Readers
business man writing blank 2014 ...
business man writing blank 2014 ...

It's that time of year again when we want to know your top New Year's resolution -- something besides losing 10 pounds. Do you want to learn a new skill? Travel the world? Save more, spend less? Watch every episode of "Breaking Bad" uninterrupted? We asked our Facebook fans and here are some of what they had to say. Be sure and add and your own in the comments below.

1) Exercising and weight loss, those perennial favorites, of course made an appearance. Foxie Shazzam plans to give up sugar and commit to exercising every day. Foxie also wants to learn to play the cello.

2) Barbara Perry set her bar high. She wants to walk in a mini marathon. Go for it Barb!

3) "Live in the moment," said Marti Gilley Smith.

4) We think Michael James Cooper was thinking along the same lines. "Quit my job. And hike the AT [Appalachian Trail] for 6 months," he wrote.

5) Traveling of course was on many a resolution list. Holli Allen Magill hopes to "Visit Gettysburg and Mt. Rushmore" and Rachel Cracken Herbig wants to visit her brother and his family at least four times this year.

6) Dianne Hunziker March is taking a big step. "I'm not dying my hair as of January. Also, I'd like to get off caffeine diet soda!!!"

7) And a hat tip to Lynetta Campell Busen for her resolution to "Focus on my relationship with God."

8) Finishing unfinished business made an appearance on the list as well. Joe Miano hopes to "Finish my novel."

9) We'd like to add our own personal resolutions of stress reduction in here. Huff/Post50 senior writer Ann Brenoff says she plans on disconnecting from her work email on weekends. Looking over her list from last Jan. 1, she didn't fare too badly in the resolution-keeping department.

10) And lastly, we like the advice of Judith C. Warren, who told us on Facebook that having no resolutions means having no resolutions to break.

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