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16 Beauty Resolutions You're Making Today (Including Taking Off Your Makeup Before Bed...)


It's officially the new year, and you've no doubt made plenty of promises to yourself already about what 2014 will hold. But did you forget to amp up your beauty regimen?

Before heading out last night to ring in the new year, we made sure to jot down some key changes that many of us are incorporating into our routines when it comes to hair, skin, nails and teeth in 2014. Get inspired by the list below -- we bet a few of these will look familiar.

You will not brush your hair when it's wet.

You will put on lotion after a hot bath or shower every single time.

You won't wait until your toenails are in the worst shape possible to get a pedicure.

You will shave your legs more regularly.

You will never leave the house with chipped nail polish.

You will use a clarifying shampoo every once in a while.

You will get at least 7 hours of beauty sleep every night.

You will start exfoliating your lips before wearing bright lipstick.

You won't pick at your nails.

You will leave the house without a speck of makeup... sometimes, at least.

You will actually attempt adventurous eye makeup.

You will brush your teeth after lunch (and after your mid-morning coffee, for that matter).

You will never ever go to sleep with your makeup on. No matter how sleepy and/or drunk you are.

You will learn how to do all of those fancy braids.

You will exfoliate your body at least once a week.

You will drink water. Lots and lots of water.

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