New York Arts Week


Arthena is excited to see what these galleries will have on view at The Armory Show and ADAA's The Art Show. Here's a little tease on what to expect.


David Zwirner


Sherrie Levine Pink SMEG Refrigerator and Renoir Nudes, 2016. 

David Zwirner is pleased to present new works by Sherrie Levine, on view at ADAA's Art Show. Recently joining their roster, Levine’s work engages many of the core tenets of postmodern art, challenging notions of originality, authenticity, and identity.


Marlborough Gallery



Manolo Valdes Retrato sobre fondo rojo, 2016 oil on burlap Courtesy of the artist and Marlborough Gallery

Marlborough Gallery will be presenting for the Armory Show new works by a diverse group of artists including: Magdalena Abakanowicz, Kcho, Jacques Lipchitz, Tony Matelli, and Manolo Valdes. Their award winning list of artist will be showing works from a wide range of mediums from works of Kcho (known for creating sculptures through distorting boats) to paintings by Manolo Valdes.


Peter Blum Gallery



Daniel Rich Jodhpur, India, 2016 acrylic on Dibond 63 x 59 1/2 in. (160 x 151.1 cm) Courtesy of the artist and Peter Blum Gallery, New York

Peter Blum Gallery will be bringing a wide range of works by artists on view at ADAA's art show including: Louise Bourgeois, Paul Fägerskiöld, Helmut Federle, Alex Katz, Esther Kläs, Agnes Martin, Enoc Perez, David Rabinowitch, David Reed, Daniel Rich, Robert Ryman, Robert Zandvliet, John Zurier, Daniel Rich. All these artists, from Louis Bourgeois being the highest selling contemporary femal artist, have paved New York City's contemporary art scene. 


Galerie Lelong


McArthur Binion DNA: White Painting: V, 2015 Oil paint stick and paper on board 84 x 84 inches (213.4 x 213.4 cm) (GL10435)  Copyright of the Artist; Courtesy Galerie Lelong, New York

Galerie Lelong returns to The Armory Show with a diverse group of works by multi- generational artists from its global contemporary program including: McArthur Binion, Sarah Cain, Petah Coyne, Angelo Filomeno, Andy Goldsworthy, Jane Hammond, Alfredo Jaar, Rosemary Laing, Ana Mendieta, Carolee Schneemann, Kate Shepherd, Barthélémy Toguo, and Ursula von Rydingsvard. 

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