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New York Athletic Club Brawl The 'Best Fight' Blogger On 'Wall Street Jackass' Has Ever Seen

A bourgeois brawl broke out in a bar in the tony New York Athletic Club earlier this month, and a blogger at Wall Street Jackass says, "It was the best fight [he's] ever seen."

The New York Daily News reports Peter Doran, 28, and Matthew O’Grady, 31, were charged and arrested with third-degree assault and second-degree harassment--Doran for punching out a 48-year-old and O'Grady for pounding another clubgoer in the face. And The Times has it that Colin D. Drowica, 30, also of Glen Head is "charged with menacing and accused of threatening physical injury to a 58-year-old security guard."

It's not yet clear if the three are members of the club.

NYAC President S. Colin O'Neill was none too plussed about the punchup and is promising punishment for those involved.

"You may have heard about the fight that occurred in the Tap Room late on the evening of Thursday, April 12th," O'Neill fumed in an open letter, obtained by the New York Times, to the 144-year-old club's members who, it should be noted, obey a dress code inside the luxe Central Park South establishment. "I cannot state forcefully enough how abhorrent this event is to me, personally, and how contrary it is to the standards of decorum that we expect of our members and their guests."

O'Neill also emphasized that members should remain mum on the melee's details. "Similarly, the distribution of via the various social media of photographs and letters that are detrimental to the Club and its reputation will not be tolerated."

But the blogger on Wall Street Jackass did not heed O'Neills advice.

"It's tough to elaborate on it's epicness but I'll do my best," the Jackass introduces his blog of the fight, which he says included "young people, old people, girls, members, non members" in a "a nondiscriminatory ragematch." He continues:

Not sure the reason but it seemed to be about a girl. After about 30 seconds it was just threats being yelled. Anyway, probably two broken noses right off the back, one dude knocked straight on his butt on the first punch, glasses thrown, broken glass everywhere , and all the tables turned over or shoved to the side, they were making their arena.....The first break in the fight occurred when a random guy hopped in to break it up, his girlfriend by his side . The commotion ended so everyone thought , until somebody knocked the guy's girlfriend over and this kid laid one dude right out. So now the fight expanded to three groups, three wolfpacks. Girl got knocked over again.

When a hapless bartender named Luis tried to step in and break things up, he was pushed and "fell like a bag of sand," screaming for someone to "call nine-eleven."

There was then a lull in the commotion until "some pudgy guy" connected his fist to "a much bigger kids dome piece," sending the bigger kid flying through a table.

The fighters were eventually pushed out of the bar by a large crowd into an elevator, which went down to the first floor, where cops appeared and made arrests.

"The Club’s constitution does not permit publicizing internal matters of the Club or otherwise undermining the private nature of the club,” wrote O'Neill in the letter. "Those who breach the club’s norms, he wrote, “will be subject to disciplinary action.”

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