New York Block-By-Block: The Best Of NYC Grid (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: A Block-By-Block Look At New York

Photographer Paul Sahner never enjoyed feeling like a visitor in his own neighborhood. "It bothered me that there were streets in my own neighborhood that I had never walked down," he told us. Toward that end, Sahner, an amateur photographer, created nyc-grid, a photo blog that fastidiously documents the city block-by-block.

Rather than focusing his lens on the well-worn, world-famous landmarks, nyc-grid exhibits the mundane and poetic aspects of a given street, a way to express the flavor of each neighborhood by its "smaller, more fleeting details." Bungled telephone wires in Williamsburg, torn street art in the Lower East Side, a rusting grate in Clinton Hill, all minutae which are easy to miss. "The city is so dense," he says, "and people can go a lifetime without experiencing something only a few hundred yards from where they live."

On his website, Sahner insists his project is not an effort to document what is bound to be lost by over-development, an ethos of sites like Jeremiah's Vanishing New York. "This is simply a snapshot: New York as we live in it now."

The site, which houses over 15,000 photos, is reaching its 500th block, so we've compiled a few of the best shots from the last two years. Sahner adds to his collection fives days a week, so be sure to check it out.


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