NYC Bodega Cats Get Short Documentary Treatment Courtesy Of 'Internets Celebrities' (VIDEO)

WATCH: Bodega Cats, The Documentary

Everyone knows and loves their local bodega cat--that feisty feline that splits its time between protecting the store's goods from mice and cuddling up to customers.

There's a tumblr on the subject, a Flickr page, adorable photos of the kitties keeping cool in the heat and yet, bodega cats are technically illegal.

New York City's health code forbids animals in businesses where food or beverages are sold for human consumption. Bodegas discovered to be harboring cats can be given hefty fines or even shut down by the Department of Health.

Internets Celebrities (who you may remember from "A Fare Slice", an in depth investigation into the correlation between pizza prices and subway fares), made this nature-style documentary on the iconic creature. It's naturally adorable and will probably make you question the city's policy on the harmless guardian of processed foods.

So stand up New York! Save the bodega cat!

(And while you're at it, bodegas need some saving too).

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