The War On New York City's Horses: An Open Letter To Steven Spielberg

Dear Mr. Spielberg,

This past weekend, I had the great pleasure of seeing your new film War Horse. It's a stunningly moving portrait of the plight of horses in World War I, and the enormous difference a single person's kindness can make.

I'm writing this to you because there is a war on horses unfolding right now in New York City. It's being waged by the horse-drawn carriage industry.

This season alone, four horses have collapsed because of the inhumane conditions in which they're forced to toil. Please take 30 seconds and look at this footage of the most recent horse that collapsed on a Manhattan street on December 4. You will find it hauntingly reminiscent of some of the scenes in your film.

You can also take a look at this PSA narrated by Glee's Lea Michele, exposing the reality behind what most people see as a harmless and quaint tradition.

As you so beautifully show in War Horse, one person can make all the difference in the life of exploited animals. I urge you to get involved and fight for the horses of New York City.

Ari Solomon