New York

New York Celebrity Map: Rentenna Releases Guide To Stars' Manhattan, Brooklyn Apartments (MAP)

New York is teeming with celebrities. Anyone know where they all live? Well, it's not very New York to care, really. We just assumed they were always within earshot (which is why we always lower our voice when talking about Paul Giamatti). There was this New York Magazine map back in 2006, but since then we haven't seen much in the way of those Hollywood maps everyone buys in LA.

Enter Rentenna, a search tool for New York apartments, who's made a handy-dandy map of their own. EV Grieve received the press release:

Rentenna's first-ever New York City Star Map features the buildings of over 100 celebrities across Manhattan and Brooklyn, so everyone can look up their famous neighbors, gloat to friends elsewhere in the country, then quickly go back to pretending they never cared in the first place.

Yep, we def don't care. (OMG do you think Jon Stewart and Jeremy Piven hang out?! Maybe Al Pacino and Nora Ephron?! Ooh and look! David Schwimmer's apartment! The historical one he basically destroyed! Wow!) Whatever.

Also, no celebrities ever live in the Bronx, Queens or Staten Island, apparently (and Brooklyn got a tiny mention, but it's a start).