Ohio Sewer District Takes NYC's Random Twitter Hit On Cleveland, Craps All Over It

The post backfired.

Whoever was running the official New York City government Twitter feed on Friday began the Fourth of July weekend in an unusual way, by taking a seemingly out-of-nowhere shot at Cleveland.

“A gloomy day in New York City is still better than a sunny day in Cleveland,” the government’s official account wrote alongside an image of the Big Apple’s iconic skyline.

It’s unclear why the account targeted Cleveland with the post. Some commenters speculated it was in response to the billboards that appeared in New York in March urging businesses to relocate to Ohio.

But the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District, which operates in Cleveland, didn’t take the tweet sitting down.

“Doesn’t NYC have a sewer utility for this kind of crap,” the district fired back, later lightheartedly requesting to “file a report” with New York City Environmental Protection.

Others chimed in too: