Elaine's, CBGB's, Astroland, Florent: NYC's Vanishing Landmarks (Slideshow)

There's been a rash of New York City landmarks closing or about to close this week. Mars Bar got its demolition permit, a candlelight vigil was held last night for the historic house at 35 Bowery and today, famed UES restaurant Elaine's will close its doors after nearly 50 years of serving the who's who of New York.

It's a complaint you hear often in New York--that all the places with any grit, character or charm in Gotham are losing out to slick condos and too many artisanal cafes.

A cadre of lost city bloggers gives voice to this collective nostalgia (see Jeremiah's Vanishing New York, EV Grieve, Lost City), often helplessly watching as their favorite bars, restaurants, arcades and ballparks are razed to the ground.

In a city that's always changing, here's a sampling of other New York City landmarks that have recently disappeared.