New York City Marathon Guide

Unlike the rest of us who failed to make good on our ill-fated resolutions to start hitting the gym, the motivated participants in this year's New York City Marathon will be racing through 26.2 miles across the city on Sunday.

That doesn't mean we won't be able to celebrate one of the largest long-distance races in the world. Check out the details below to see how you can have fun and cheer on our ambitious counterparts. And remember, there's always next year!

When Is Game Time:
Rather than unleash a mass of 45,000 runners at the same time, the New York City Marathon organizes three separate 'waves' with about 15,000 runners each. The first wave begins at 9:40AM and goes on two more times in 30 minute intervals. The entire race is expected to last for approximately 8.5 hours.

Where To Watch:
Whether you're cheering on a friend or family member or just showing your love for participants in general, there's plenty of spots to catch a running glimpse across the five boroughs. Check out this handy map for the course's exact route and keep in mind that spectators are not allowed at the start. The most crowded spot will most likely be towards the finish line, so if you're heading to Central Park, make sure to arrive well in advance.

Secret Spots:
The New York Road Runners provided some helpful locations that might be worth checking out including the corner of Bay Ridge Parkway and Fourth Avenue, intersection of Hall Street and Lafayette Avenue in Clinton Hill, 111th Street and Fifth Avenue, and anywhere along Bedford Avenue where one past spectator said runners "are usually still feeling okay at this point."

Reserved Seating:
Don't feel like fighting to stake out a good place towards the finish line? Unfortunately, the Blue Line Lounge and NYRR Patron Seats are all sold out, but you can still have the chance to shell out $75 for reserved grandstand seating. Seating is limited, so get to the ticket sales booth early.

Music and Entertainment:
More than 130 bands on 16 stages will accompany spectators and runners for a wide range of musical entertainment. Check out this nifty site to narrow down the music by type, borough, and mile mark.

Check out a video from last year's exciting run below: