New York City Mayor Declares November 19 'Angie Martinez Day'

It's official: Nov. 19 is 'Angie Martinez Day' in NYC.

Angie Martinez, affectionately called "The Voice of New York," has been an integral part of hip hop and music culture -- boasting a broadcast career of more than 20 years. It's only right there's a day dedicated to celebrating her mark in the Big Apple. 

In light of Puerto Rican Heritage Month, New York City mayor Bill de Blasio recently held a press conference to present Martinez with a City Proclamation, recognizing Nov. 19 as "Angie Martinez Day".

The mayor referred to Martinez as an "icon" in his speech, captured by Power 105.1. 

"She has really become an icon, a virtuous icon," he said at the press conference. "An icon that makes people very proud. Makes us proud as New Yorkers, makes the entire Latino community proud and particularly makes the Puerto Rican community proud."

A New York native and of Puerto Rican descent, Martinez was a longtime radio personality on hip-hop station Hot 97 before she left to join Power 105.1 in 2014.

Congratulations, Angie!

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