New York City Primary Endorsements

While most voters are focused on November's general elections, New Yorkers have a chance to make change earlier - - Tuesday, September 9th. There are many close & important primary races, but I'll offer endorsements of the few that I've been paying particularly close attention too.

Nora Anderson is the clear choice for Manhattan Surrogate Court. She has twenty-six years of experience in the New York Court System and has run a thoughtful and energetic insurgent campaign. She's out to reform the system and she has the drive to actually do so. Anderson has also received the support of The New York Times and my friends at The Stonewall Democrats and the Jim Owls Liberal Democratic Club, among many others.

Senator Martin Connor deserves a chance to serve in a Democratic Majority in Albany after the years he's spent moving New York forward as part of the minority. Connor has been a strong advocate for progressive values and has stood up against the establishment to get things done for real New Yorkers.

Connor is facing a primary challenge by a close associate of Senator Charles Schumer and member of the entrenched political establishment, Danny Squadron. Danny worked for Schumer for years and even co-authored a book with him that supports the Iraq War. Schumer has been so active in Squadron's campaign that it's hard to tell who is running. Schumer has used his celebrity and status to gain much notoriety for his protégé, helping him earn endorsements and TV time. He's even been courted by Republicans, who surely have no legitimate interest in a Democratic Majority in Albany. The political machine is fighting for Squadron.

While he claims to represent "change," what Squadron represents is more of the same. Squadron will represent the status quo in Albany, not the people of New York.

Paul Newell however has used his background in community organizing and political activism to challenge Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver. He says that he's running for office to "shake things up" in Albany and his campaign has already shaken up New York politics by earning the endorsement of The New York Times. Newell would be a credible and in-touch member of the New York Assembly and we should give him that chance. Dropping Silver would force Democrats to elect a forward thinking Speaker, who isn't, as the Times says "a throwback to the clubhouse era" like Silver. That's change.

Vote in New York on Tuesday, September 9th!