New York City Starbucks Could Be Closing Off Bathrooms To Public

Public Bathroom Crisis: NYC Starbucks Restricing Loo Access

Starbucks across New York City are closing off their bathrooms to the public, The New York Post reports. The loo-line is often too long for employees to take a quick leak, and the cost of having to fix the overused bathrooms two or three times a week is simply too high.

"Starbucks cannot be the public bathroom in the city anymore," a source familiar with the company's New York plans said. Although it's not a stated company-wide initiative to restrict entrance to the city's favorite public John, The Post cites four SBUX that have done so, and the trend seems to be catching. New York City food establishments with over 19 seats are legally required to have a public restroom. Most Starbucks, namely in Midtown, have less than 20.

(There's no word if the lavatory-lockdown is a response to the exploits of Mister PeePee, a local man who has vowed to masturbate in every one of the 298 Starbucks bathrooms in New York City.)

The closures could leave many New Yorkers and tourists alike struggling to find a suitable restroom. Maybe the recently-evicted Occupy Wall Street protesters could donate their toilets for public use? Or communities should reconsider Mayor Bloomberg's flushed idea to install 20 public pay-to-use commodes?

At any rate, if you're upset about the news, here's a "Gentlemen's Rant" on the coffee giant that'll make you feel better:

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