New York City vs. Los Angeles: 60 Minutes/Vanity Fair Poll Shows Americans Prefer Big Apple (SLIDESHOW)

Finally! Hard, indisputable data that New York City is better than that spread-out-suburb of a city they call Los Angeles.

Among Americans recently polled by Vanity Fair and 60 Minutes, 46 percent say New York is the place they'd most like to spend the rest of their lives, if they had to choose between the coastal rivals. 40 percent said they'd prefer LA.

58 percent of those under 45 prefer New York City, whereas more (48 percent) of those over 45 preferred LA. 45 percent of women chose L.A. and 52 percent of men preferred New York.

(Other data from the poll shows Americans like their burgers "well done" and that heavy metal music is too hard on the ears).

Of course we've been documenting NYC's superiority for a while, but it's encouraging that the rest of country is beginning to understand that the Big Apple always beats out the City of Angels.

Below are a few reasons we think New York is better than LA. Send us yours and we'll add! (Your move, HuffPost LA!)



Why NYC Is Better Than LA