The Fight To Be The Oldest Bar In New York City

HuffPost investigates.

There's a bar for every mood in New York City.

Want to pretend you're in a beauty salon in the '60s? Go to Beauty Bar. Need to fly the TARDIS? The police box at The Way Station is all yours. Feel like a little self-loathing? Make like Don Draper and head to Dear Irving.

But if you want to visit the oldest bar in the city, well ... that's not so easy to find.

As HuffPost's Christian Nilsson learned, the honor belongs to one of three landmark bars -- McSorley's Old Ale House in the East Village, Neir's in Queens, or Fraunces Tavern downtown.

Nilsson hit up each of the spots to get to the bottom of things, and learned that there's more to this mystery than an "Est." date.

Check out our investigation in the video above, and tell us: Which do you think is the oldest bar in New York City?

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