New York City's Subway Responded To Tweet About Fellatio And People Loved It

A transit source told HuffPost that the account attempts to respond to every tweet it receives.

The Twitter page for the MTA New York City Transit subway service (@NYCTSubway) got raunchy Monday when it engaged in conversation with an adventurous commuter who asked: “Whose dick do I have to suck to get a train @MTA?” 

Many accounts on the receiving end of such a question would opt to not respond, but the MTA wrote back just two minutes after the commuter’s initial tweet.

New Yorkers have a love-hate relationship with the MTA that tends to veer far more into the hate category.

The subway system is, to put it simply, a hot mess. Trains are consistently late, if they arrive at all, and ride fares continue to go up as service gets worse. All of this is to say that any sort of trust that the MTA will take you from point A to point B has been shot to hell over the years.

These problems are surely what led to the aforementioned tweet offering someone, anyone, fellatio if only a train would arrive.

The commuter told HuffPost she was being sarcastic because she was grumpy about a train not arriving. She also followed up her first tweet ― after the MTA’s response ― by saying she didn’t usually make these sort of pleas but that she was “tired of melting” on train platforms.

To which this reporter says: Same, girl.

A transit source said the @NYCTSubway account aims for a 100 percent response rate to tweets it receives. MTA spokesman Andrei Berman told HuffPost it responded to the tweet because “customers have asked that we be radically transparent in our communications.”

“As Space Force Cadet Lo reporting for duty can now attest, we listened,” Berman said without providing any clarity about the real identity of “JP.”

Some may argue that the subway account should have skipped responding to this one. We, along with many on Twitter, are supremely happy it did not: 

The MTA may not be reliable, but Twitter’s fire content sure is.

This article has been updated with comment from the MTA.



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