New York Comic Con -- It's Like an Early Halloween

comes to New York, it's like Halloween, part 1. The City fills with costume-clad comic geeks and from one end of Manhattan to the other, for four days, you are very likely to see one of your favorite comic or sci fi characters walking the streets of New York. New York Comic Con 2014 is no exception.

The four-day event started Thursday at the Jacob Javits Center on the west side of Manhattan, but don't be fooled, the whole City seems to get involved. And it's not Comic Con without Batman, I see quite a few of the dark knight each year, but never my fav, the "real Batman," from the 1960s TV show.

Most of Comic Con these days is about comic books, comic tv shows, sci fi and fantasy tv shows and movies and there is a bit about newspaper comics which is really what I go for. It's quite sad as there is only one or two booths set up for that. That's where I got the 
, "Pearl Before Swine," book, "Breaking Stephan," GoComics was handing them out. But still, how cool is the Dalek at the Doctor Who booth?
These days, it's all digital, there are so many independent comic strip/book creators there that it makes you feel good about knowing that there is an audience for everyone. It's not just about the printed page anymore, but don't get me wrong, there are still plenty of comic books out there; new and old. Many old classics are for sale at Comic Con at exhorbant prices, but buy them now and in 20 years you can send your child to school on the appreciation. Lots of original comic art is for sale, too. And that's not cheap. I saw black and white inked single pages for thousands of dollars each. But those are truly one of a kind.

There are many collectible toys for sale, too. And if you didn't wear a costume, you can easily buy one or two there. And from Artists Alley to Autograph Alley, there is something for everyone.

I saw a bunch of older Star Trek actors, selling their autographs, not sure how I feel about that, but they had no qualms about signing a photo and then telling people that they accept credit cards. 

One big part of Comic Con and even better than the frenetic atmosphere of the main floor are the panel discussions and screenings with lots of A-list celebs. From Disney's latest to a discussion on selling your comic to Hollywood, there is plenty to enjoy.  A Game of Thrones Fan Forum brought out a large crowd and a DC Comics master class on comics history was very special. ComiXology had a seminar on the future of self-publishing, which seems to be a big part of the future. 

Comic Con is a bunch of giddy geeks all walking around in circles tripping over each other. And I do mean that in the best way possible. This guy had the best costume of all.

I have a lot of photos of NY Comic Con at my Facebook page here.