Donald Trump Drives Off A Cliff In Biting New York Daily News Cover

The New York tabloid took aim at Trump after General Motors revealed it would be cutting thousands of U.S. jobs.

The New York Daily News used its Tuesday cover to bash President Donald Trump over General Motors’ decision to cut up to 14,000 jobs in North America.

The New York tabloid depicted Trump as driving a toy GM car over a cliff:

In the story linked to the cover, the Daily News noted the job losses were coming “despite Trump’s campaign promise to revive U.S. manufacturing.”

It sarcastically captioned the tweet, “Tired of all this winning.”

The newspaper also noted that GM’s announcement comes several months after the automaker warned that Trump’s tariffs on imported vehicles could lead to “less investment, fewer jobs and lower wages for our employees.”

The newspaper, which itself faced mass layoffs in July, has repeatedly used its front page to criticize Trump. For example, here’s a July cover edition, which reported on Trump’s White House invitation to Russian President Vladimir Putin:

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