New York Daily News Dings 'Guac Blocker' Donald Trump Over Mexico Tariffs

A 5% tariff on goods from Mexico — including avocados — comes into effect on June 10.

The New York Daily News on Saturday used its cover to call out President Donald Trump over America’s imminent imposition of a 5% tariff on goods coming from Mexico.

The tariff will come into effect on June 10 and remain in place until illegal immigration from across the southern border ends, Trump announced this week. The figure will also increase by an added 5% every month.

The tabloid called Trump a “Guac Blocker” over the move.

The newspaper noted in the story accompanying its front page that the price of avocados (and thus, guacamole), Margarita cocktails, limes and habanero peppers will all likely rise as a direct result of the tariff ― as will electronics, SUVs and machinery that are imported from Mexico.

The Daily News has a long history of using eye-catching front pages to take aim at the president and his administration. Last week it commented on Trump’s wild Wednesday press conference with this “Snit Hits The Fan” zinger: