New York Daily News Taunts Rudy Giuliani With A Gross New Nickname

The Trump lawyer's literal meltdown inspired the tabloid's mocking moniker.

The New York Daily News’ new nickname for Rudy Giuliani is a real doozy.

Sorry, oozy.

The tabloid described the former New York mayor ― now President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer ― as “Oozy Giuliani” following his wild lie-filled news conference on Thursday in which he baselessly ranted about mass voter fraud in a bid to overturn the election. Oh, and a dark liquid streamed down his face.

“Rudy melts down, literally, in bizarre sweat-dripped rant over election fraud,” read the newspaper’s cover Friday:

It’s not the first time the paper has hit Trump and his Republican allies with a biting moniker on its front page:

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