Rudy Giuliani Is 'Putin's Puppet' On Damning New York Daily News Cover

Donald Trump's personal attorney has lost control on the tabloid's front page.

There are a lot of strings attached to Rudy Giuliani on the New York Daily News’ latest front page.

The tabloid newspaper depicted President Donald Trump’s personal attorney as being controlled by a puppeteer, Russian President Vladimir Putin, on its cover Friday.

“PUTIN’S PUPPET,” the main headline said. Below read, “Rudy gets tangled in bizarre Russia-Biden plot.”

The cover story centered on a Washington Post report that U.S. intelligence officials had told the White House in 2019 that the former New York City mayor was being targeted by Russia to propagate misinformation to Trump.

The front page was published as footage emerged of Giuliani talking in a mocking Asian accent and news broke that his daughter officially endorsed Democratic nominee Joe Biden in the 2020 election.

The New York Daily News has previously portrayed Giuliani as one-third of the slapstick comedy trio “The Three Stooges.”