New York Dancer Taps His Way Into a Story as the Protege of Gregory Hines

Andrew J. Nemr found himself dancing at a young age.

From the time he was very young, he took dance classes at the local dance school in his area. Slowly, he found himself drawn more and more towards tap. Finally, he found the ultimate inspiration: Gregory Hines.

Many people don't get to meet their inspiration however, much less have them become a mentor.

"The first time I met Greg," Mr. Nemr recalled in a phone interview, "I traveled up to New York with my parents to attend a workshop. After that I just kept attending classes and workshops and talks he gave, until one day he took me aside and gave me his email. He became my mentor."

An inspiring story that has culminated in Mr. Nemr's latest project, "Andrew J Nemr and Friends."

With a recent run at The Cutting Room, the show takes spoken word, dance, movement, and live music and weaves it all into the story of Mr. Nemr's life.

"This is the first time I've really substantially used dance and the spoken word together," he said. "'I've done pieces that involve dancing and speaking before, but never to this extent."

The show also has a live element to it.

"I hit the same points each night, but in the sense that there are often special guest stars, and its live, and we can improvise a lot with the dancing, I find new things every night," he explained.

He also enjoys performing the piece in The Cutting Room.

"It's more intimate," he said. "The connection to the audience is closer and more immediate."

Audience connection is essential for a piece that is so close to Mr. Nemr's heart blood. A show about connectivity, love, and life, Mr. Nemr taps, talks, and uses music to create a form of expression that is unique and fresh each time.

Mr. Hines would no doubt be very proud.

For more information on the show, check out Mr. Nemr's website.