New York Days Summed up in New York Minutes

So I have to apologize the past few weeks have been a little nuts. The weather gets nicer and all of a sudden people lose their damn minds and schedules book up weeks in advance and as you go from party to party you feel perpetually drunk and hungover and kind of dead. Either way there are events and parties we need to talk about and I'm here to walk you through them so you know what's good.

Veuve Clicquot presents the Veuve Polo Classic
Lets go back to the days of Gov ball, shall we? So yes, Kanye West was rained out and people were unhappy but luckily some of us had the opportunity to attend this years Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic, which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. One of the biggest polo matches of the year between the Ralph Lauren Black Watch team and the Veuve Clicquot team happens on Liberty Island in NJ and it may be the biggest influx of New Yorkers to Jersey every summer. With some good weather, it's the perfect opportunity to take a ferry out and get all glammed up for the day. You'll see guys in bowties and women in sundresses enjoying one of the most anticipated summer sporting events of the year. Throw in a few bottles of Veuve Clicquot and you have the recipe for the perfect day.

Diptyque Invisible Dog Cocktail Party
Listen; there are very few things that I believe in more than I believe in candles. I think they have the ability to transform any atmosphere into something infinitely better and no home or bedroom is complete without them. It's why I obviously keep a dozen diptyque candles stocked in my apt ready to go at a moments notice. It's also why I drop pretty much everything to go party with them when they invite me to something because I know it's going to be something amazing, and this party was no different. Housed in Brooklyn, guests were able to experience a gallery-like exhibition showcasing the brands newest collection and design. If you suddenly saw a surge in pictures of diptyque on Instagram, this was most likely why.

Nick Jonas x Altec Lansing
This was pretty dope. As you know, I have a proclivity for talking to people I have no business talking to and picking their brain. Past people include Kygo, Hailey Baldwin, and others. Well in this weeks' installment of my never-ending saga with New York - we talked to one of the Jonas brothers - yes, THOSE Jonas brothers. Anyway, without further ado, here's the QA (we asked him all the tough questions that matter).

Mike - Why Altec Lansing?

Nick - Someone brought an Altec Lansing speaker to my house and told me to listen to my new song on it, I listened to it and heard clarity that I had not heard on any other speaker or headphones system. So I called Rocnation and asked to take a meeting to talk about it and see if they were comfortable with me being in control of the creative for the whole collaboration and they were into it so we started working on it.

Mike - If you had gone the traditional route and gone to college, what would you have studied? What would your life be if you weren't doing music?

Nick - I think my goal would be to try to be an athlete of some sort. I love golf and I played baseball for a long time. I feel like I could have competed at a pretty high level.

Mike - Where's your favorite spot to eat and hang out in NYC?

Nick - I'd be at Hudson bar and books - I'm a big cigar fan, I love cigars, so that's kind of my headquarters all the time.

Mike - For your new album, what are you hoping people get out of your latest album and work?

Nick - The thing I hope people take from this record is that I'm really doing my best to open up and be more honest in my work and in my lyrics. I'm pushing myself to do something that will really last. I'm really proud of this album and think it's my strongest body of work.

Tim Cantor - Sweet Favour & Fiend
As you know from my last post (and if you don't you should read it because I also have an interview with Kygo there), I LOVE art and constantly find myself going to galleries and shows that really make me look at life differently. Luckily this week I was able to attend a gallery showing for an artist I wasn't too familiar with; Tim Cantor. Held at the AFA gallery in Soho, I was instantly transported when I walked in. Known for his contemporary evocation of historical Dutch and Renaissance painting techniques to depict surreal visions and dreamscapes, the artist's mastery of of color and technique was evident in each piece. The collection gave everyone a glimpse into his inner self and the places where his thoughts wander as he works in his studio late at night. With the ability to make you look introspectively, Cantors work was both provocative and raw, leaving you with a sense of clarity that you didn't expect.

Corona Electric Beach
As I've mentioned before, I don't usually go out on weekends as weekends are used to edit pictures from the weeks festivities for instagram BUT there's an exception to every rule and this weeks' exception was brought to you by Corona Electric Beach. Held on the roof of the James Hotel, there was no better place to ring in the unofficial beginning of summer. It was especially great given that my good friend Chris aka Jillionaire would be djing all afternoon, so it was honestly a no brainer. Corona Electric beach is one of the few events that are open to the public if you just follow them on social media and rsvp to their events. If you want a party free from pretension but rather filled with people just trying to listen to good music and have a good time, look no further because this is all you need.

Anyway, this is pretty much everything notable that happened in my life that I'm allowed to share with you guys on this forum. If you want to follow my day to day you can look at my twitter for frequent existential crises, lyrics, party pictures and random musings. Also sometimes I announce that I'm looking for +1's to parties so who knows you might find yourself running from party to party with me one day to get content for the gram.