New York Dreams

The capital city of the modern world full of all the riches that the modern man craves is New York City. One of the most important aspect of New York City is its modern subway transportation system that is unique from the rest of the world. The Subway system is an infrastructure of great engineering feat and modern technology. Often times, people from the Indian Sub-continent refer to this great city as Lanka of demon King Ravana who had a city with streets made up of gold.

Youths like me, have grown up in New York City subway system able to run errands, going to several places in a single day without much expense or the hassle of driving. On the other hand, unlike many other states of New York, the subway system is also a shelter to many homeless people. This might be a little controversial fact to some people considering the image of the city in general, but it is also a unique aspect of the city.

When friends come over from other parts of the world, I take them around several major locations in the city like Wall Street, Statue of Liberty, Time Square, St. Patrick's Cathedral, etc. To the young folks trying to get richer, Wall Street is the dream location to get inspired about accumulating greater wealth. Europeans who come to visit New York will go to completely different places than the Asian tourists. Europeans might stay at a hotel in Manhattan and visit places like Times Square, Central Park, St. Patrick's Cathedrals and locations on 5th avenue. On the other hand, Asian tourists will prefer visiting spots like World Trade Center and Wall Street while staying around hotels in Queens's area dining out around Jackson Heights.

Walking around the water and getting the sight of the city is one of the most extra-ordinary experiences one can get. The cold wind that blows across the park from the sea is an experience of a lifetime.

Other major places to visit in NYC are the major malls like Macy's in Midtown Manhattan, the Central Park and restaurants of different ethnicity. If you are a tourist in New York, you do not want to miss visiting the empire state building.

Many immigrants in America see America only as a source of cash to fulfill their desires. Because of this, they have missed out what America is all about. They limit themselves from their living apartment to the workplace and vice versa. They never take time to check out New York City or their own town either. They think of themselves as a poor immigrant who has come to make as much money as possible as quick as possible so that they can show it to their neighbors and friends.

This attitude keeps them separate from America and Americans, from themselves in generals just like majority Americans limit themselves to their sons, daughter, husband and wife. We need to forget thinking of ourselves as parochial, as this or that and broaden our view. We need to understand the essence of our own being where we are all separate from what we view ourselves as. We are the thread that contains the entire humanity, the universe, the planets, the galaxies and the solar system.

Immigrants in America need to forget their parochial identity at least for a few days and live in America as free beings. In this manner, they will work, learn and live better than ever. They will in essence understand that America is no strange place for them.

Similarly, Americans could have far greater experience of humanity if they forgot that they were white/black skinned Americans and lived live as it comes. They would experience a world in many different ways. Richer experience will come to us only when we learn that we are not limited beings but beings of unlimited splendor.

Thus, for some the same New York City is a slum and a hell while for others it is their home. A homeless man experiences the city very differently than a millionaire next door. But, when he forgets that what he is truly is neither homeless nor a millionaire, he will see a very different reality.

For others like me, it is a platform to experience and learn new things, perceive new ideas and make new friends. When I forget that I am this or that, sometimes, I am a Nepali, other time I am Indian and another moment a Chinese. I forget myself and sometimes, I am a Hindu, another moment a Christian. This has enriched me with an experience that is priceless.

I hope each reader does the same with their life and experiences New York City in ways that are countless.