New York Film And Television Industry Spent $60 Billion Over Past Decade (VIDEO)

Great News For NYC's TV & Film Aspirations

Mayor Bloomberg happily announced on Tuesday that over the past decade, the film and television industry has spent $60 billion in New York City and that television production has reached an all-time high.

Bloomberg touted the numbers as something he'd expected, "This report confirms what I’ve been seeing on sets and soundstages around the city – the film and television industry in New York City has never been bigger."

Tuesday's announcement also included a whopping $80 billion annually generated from the overall media industry, which includes digital media, advertising, and more.

In March, it was reported that a record 11 television drama pilots were being filmed in the city, up from nine in 2011 and zero in 2010, while production in Los Angeles had declined.

Bloomberg revealed the good news on the set of "Saturday Night Live" alongside the show's head writer Seth Meyer, but reporters seemed more interested peppering the mayor with questions of why he's never been asked to host the popular show to which Meyers quipped, "I feel like today has just been a sting operation to trick me to ask the mayor to host the show."

The mayor's Spanish-speaking skills also took centerstage, with Meyers commenting Bloomberg's Spanish summary was the true "highlight" of the press conference and that he had "completely zoned out" when speaking English.

In 2011, Bloomberg's famous use of Spanglish was famously parodied on the ElBloombito Twitter account.

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