NYC Weather: NY Gets Record Amount Of Snow In January

If you feel like you've never seen this much snow in January, you're right.

The 19 inches of snow New York City received Wednesday and Thursday broke a record for January.

From the Daily News:

The record set in 1925 was buried under the 36 inches that blanketed New York this month, with the overnight storm closing city schools and snarling morning commutes.

Mayor Bloomberg, speaking at City Hall, said the latest blast of winter created various problems - including some ambulances and subways stranded by the snow, and higher emergency response times.

The seemingly endless stream of powder also caused school closures and flight cancellations.

After coming under fire for the city's botched response to December's blizzard, Bloomberg vowed every street would be cleared as quickly as possible. And judging by the running trains, relatively clear streets, and the general lack of utter mayhem, the city has learned a few lessons.

"We learned and we asked the questions on what didn't work last time," Bloomberg said.

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