New York Harold vs. Tennessee Harold

New York Harold vs. Tennessee Harold
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Dear Congressman:

What's good in the New Decade? Definitely dig the fact that you're giving that New York Senate seat a shot. That's what's up.

Solid statewide bids by young brothers are always a good thing in this age of raw Black political maturity. Cory Booker is right across the bridge as, at least, a municipal model. I caught you name-dropping him - extending a plea for support from Brick City might help a little in the fragmented Big Apple. You and your former Congressional Black Caucus frat buddies are rather busy these days. Here you are in New York; Kendrick is getting it done in Florida, I hear; Artur is having a rough time in Alabama, though. A footnote on Henry Sanders in Wisconsin doesn't hurt, although he's not a part of that fairly exclusive club above.

But, it's a peculiar thing, opening up the Post this afternoon. You've got to explain to some folks why you picked that rather raggedy right-leaning, snuff-filled publication known for its racial incantations? You being a Democrat that is - however, good pick in the sense that it's very unlikely you'll run as anything near being the "Black candidate." Why not pick the tabloid everybody reads? Those dingy MTA subway cars will be littered with them in no time, your column poking face up in a crumpled pile of newspaper. It's smart, picking the proverbial New York "every guy's" daily, particularly if you need a head start with prickly White voters in Gotham, the islands and other surrounding boroughs. But how will that read to New York's African American voters?

Clearly, you're itchin' for that Senate scratch. And, you've probably glazed over office furniture catalogues while daydreaming about your future White House bid. We know what's up. But, although political memory is short, folks are going to wonder: why does New York Harold sound so much different from Tennessee Harold? Dude: Your line on gun control is classic! Wonder how that would have sounded in the Volunteer State? May want to do something about photos of you wearing a hunter cap - that other circulating pic of you standing by a Confederate flag might get problematic. By the way: standing by a rebel flag in a hunter cap ... I don't know, bruh. But, you figure you're in good hands. It'll get handled.

Perhaps it's the aroma of that murky, polluted Hudson water slapping Manhattan's banks. You can't deny it'll be interesting to watch a former red state candidate dog his way through a blue state race.

Still, you and your circle - with a wink from the White House - figure Gillibrand's chances at maintaining are about as good as Gov. Paterson's. You got this, so long as the White House gives you the green light - and anything (politically speaking) is better than a legally blind Black Governor with dismal polling numbers and an uncontrollable state legislature. Basically, you're the best game Dems can put forward in the Empire State. They looked around and just so happens you had a crib close by. And, New Yorkers love celebrity candidates. But, have you reached the top of your public bling, yet, to the point where state residents will forgive this once unapologetic Southern cat for crashing in on their Yankee parade? Still, barring any eruption of a decent candidate from state Republicans, sounds like you'll be back in D.C. this time next year.

Good luck with that!

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