New York Is the No-Coulter Zone

Ann has made a nice living trashing liberals, war veterans, and President Clinton over the years and turned it into a highly paid profession for a lot of other wannabes like Bernard Goldberg. Being offensive is her gift, and she's parlayed that into book deals, speaking events (25K a pop) and numerous talking head appearances. Much of what she says is vaudevillian in nature, and I point it out quite regularly, but her latest effort to smear the good people of New York really got under my skin.

As you know by now, she wrote in her recent column:

…the savages have declared war, and it's far preferable to fight them in the streets of Baghdad than in the streets of New York (where the residents would immediately surrender).

I'm not sure what Ann was doing on the morning of 9/11, maybe home schooling Ben Shapiro, but when the Twin Towers fell, I saw only brave men and women trying to save the lives of others with no regard for their own safety as white ash descended down upon them. The amount of courage shown by the citizens of New York was unheralded by anyone's standards, and all of America has been proud of the way New York stood tall while their highest buildings came down that tragic day.

By calling New Yorkers cowards, Coulter has spit in the faces of all the loved ones who suffered the most from one of the most horrific moments in the history of our nation. Being born and raised in Queens, New York, I took this smear particularly to heart.

Listen to what she is saying: All New Yorkers are cowards!

That means policeman, firemen, office workers, teachers, salesmen, cashiers, transit workers, postal workers, sanitation employees, nurses, the list goes on and on. In one short sentence Coulter painted them as gutless jellyfishes, quitters, wimps, spineless scaredy-cats…care to add a few yourself?

When Alan Colmes asked Ann to clarify her remarks. "You don't feel that New Yorkers are cowards?," she replied with a dumbfounded look on her face because I think she didn't expect the question; paused before answering: "Ahhh...I think they would immediately surrender."

Ellis Henican from NY Newsday quickly jumped in to defend New York, but what was also disgraceful was Sean Hannity's response, or lack of one. Hannity, where is your civic pride? You live in New York. She called you a coward too. What was his response to all of this? To talk about what's wrong with the Democratic Party. Now that was a cowardly act.

I've been getting emails and calls from New Yorkers about this. A recently retired Captain from the NYFD asked me to tell Ann to come on down to any firehouse and repeat those statements to their faces. I doubt she'll go there any time soon.

Why would she say these things about New York? What brought it on? It's simple really. The Cindy Sheehan Effect. Cindy has provoked a slow simmering build up of hatred and venom from the right that was captured perfectly by Dan Savage on Real Time with Bill Maher. He said " There's a lot of really hateful, violent rhetoric that spews from the right. The left is snide and sarcastic; the right is dangerous and violent." I've called Mayor Bloomberg's office and asked for a reply to this smearing of his city and state. He should demand a public apology. If she doesn't, I'm sure New Yorkers would help her pay for a ticket to get on a bus headed to Mississippi or Georgia since she's so smitten with those states. I do have a few questions for Sean Hannity though. Aren't you embarrassed that your favorite right wing spokesperson called you and all of New York cowards? Doesn't that bother you? Are you now ready to denounce it?