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New York Living Wage: Tell Us How Much You Make In Retail

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The Norwood News, a Bronx News Network publication, is covering the battle over the redevelopment of the Kingsbridge Armory, an early twentieth century building that once housed the National Guard's Eighth Coastal Artillery Regimen. Community groups want the Kingsbridge developer to require that potential retailers pay their employees a living wage. We want to know what people get paid at retail chains throughout the city and whether that really is a "living wage."

Tell us about your own experiences working in the city's retail stores by sending answers to the following questions to If you can't answer all of the questions we still want to hear from you - the ones below are just a guide. The Norwood News will be using your anecdotes to compile a story this week.

Where do you work?

What is your hourly wage?

What kind of benefits do you get, if any?

What kind of work do you do?

How long have you been in your current job?

Are you unionized? What union do you belong to?

Is your wage enough to support you (and your family if you have one)? Or do you rely on other sources of income/support, such as a spouse/partner's/child's salary, another job, or public assistance (food stamps, section 8, etc.).

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