New York Looking To Allow Hydraulic Fracking: Times

Is Cuomo Looking To Lift Fracking Moratorium?

The New York Times is reporting that New York State is looking to end the moratorium on hydraulic fracturing, a controversial drilling method use to extract natural gas.

Governor Cuomo, fresh off the heels of his gay marriage victory, and riding the wave of immensely high approval ratings, would allow fracking in only certain parts of the state, but not all. But environmental activists say the growing industry and method and highly reckless and often dangerous, and lifting such a moratorium would be detrimental to water safety.

The Environment Protection Agency announced recently that it will focus its studies on fracking in five key states, but not in New York. Meanwhile, just next door, New Jersey today became the first state in the union to downright ban fracking altogether.

The Cuomo camp told the Times that their story was "baseless speculation and premature."

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