New York Magazine: Sarah Palin the Next President?


I almost tripped over myself as I past the newsstand this weekend and saw this cover of New York Magazine featuring Sarah Palin.

The bold 'President Palin headline' -- for a second -- showed me how I would feel if this was actually true.

(FYI -- I'd move far, far away!)

To elicit that type of reaction is the sign of a winning cover.

The mag quickly clarifies the bold headline -- and for those who were about to have a heart attack -- could breathe a sigh of relief.

It says ' How it could happen, and who you could blame.'

The who is Michael Bloomberg.

Why? To find out, you have to buy the magazine.

From making the reader feel shocked to relieved to I gotta buy it -- that is why New York Magazine's cover featuring Sarah Palin is GENIUS!

Indeed, I believe this New York Magazine cover is an instant classic and will go down as one of the most memorable political covers of all-time.

What do you think of New York Magazine's cover? Leave your comments below.

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