New York Post Is Not Dead Yet, Says New York Magazine's Steve Fishman

New York magazine contributing editor Steve Fishman appeared on HuffPost Live on Monday to discuss his recent piece "Post Mortem," which explores the New York Post's uncertain future in a world dominated by digital reporting.

The piece looks at how the Post can survive following the split of News Corp into two separate companies.

During a time where people are consuming the majority of their news online, many are beginning to wonder how much longer Post's owner Rupert Murdoch can justify funding what Fishman called "his baby," which loses tens of millions of dollars a year and has only recently begun aggressively pursuing a digital strategy.

"Print publications are scrambling to get onto the Internet and figure out their future," Fishman told HuffPost Live host Alyona Minkovski. "It's a tall order... but that's really what the Post has decided it has to do to survive."

Fishman said that new leadership at the Post, headed by CEO Jesse Angelo and editor-in-chilef Col Allan, will take charge of the digital redirection of the paper, all part of what Fishman called the "next generation New York Post."

Watch the video above for the full interview on HuffPost Live.



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