NY Post Ripped Over 'Sexist And Pathetic' Cover On Trump's Kim K Meeting

Tabloid called out as "rude," "mean-spirited" and "disgraceful."

The New York Post called out President Donald Trump and reality TV star Kim Kardashian over their meeting at the White House on Wednesday.

But the newspaper ended up getting called out by critics on Twitter instead. 

Trump and Kardashian met to discuss criminal justice reform, an issue Kardashian has become passionate about over the past year. 

However, the Post mocked her as “Kim Thong Un” and referred to the meeting as “The Other Big Ass Summit” on its front page:

Some loved the Post’s tabloid take on the meeting: 

But many others weren’t happy about the coverage at all.  

Even readers who admit they’re fans of neither the reality TV star nor the president are calling out the newspaper:

And at least one person saw both sides of the issue: 


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