New York Restaurant Offers 'Winter Games' Menu Targeting Russia's Anti-Gay Law

One New York eatery is making its stance on Russia's controversial "gay propaganda" law clear with a spirited new menu in time for the 2014 Winter Games.

Foley’s N.Y. Pub & Restaurant has introduced colorful menu items like "Putin's Poutine" (a popular Canadian dish featuring French fries with gravy and mozzarella cheese), a "Rainbow Russian Shot" featuring Skittles-infused vodka and "Curly Curling Fries."

Take a look at "Putin's Poutine," then scroll down to keep reading:
putins poutine

As an added bonus, restaurant owner Shaun Clancy told The Huffington Post that one dollar from every order of "Putin's Poutine" will be donated to You Can Play, a national advocacy campaign dedicated to eradicating homophobia in sports.

"The Olympics should be an event that includes everybody from all over the globe," Clancy said in an email statement. "Since Vladimir Putin seems to be making it a point to exclude people, so we wanted to take a stand by offering a dish after him."

The "Russian Rainbow" Shot:

rainbow vodka

The "Curly Curling Fries":

curly curling fries



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