New York Soda Ban: Companies Launch Big Campaign Against Bloomberg's Proposal (AUDIO)

Lobbyists from large soda companies, including Coca-Cola, have launched an aggressive campaign to fight Mayor Michael Bloomberg's proposed bigger-than-16-ounce-container soda ban, The New York Times reports.

A coalition of the ban's opponents, New Yorkers For Beverage Choices, are setting up meetings with City Council members and other city officials. Canvassers are asking for signatures on the street. The message is being spread on Facebook and Twitter.

And perhaps most hilariously, there's a new radio advertisement, paid for by the American Beverage Association, featuring "authentic" Noo-Yawkers upset at Bloomy's nanny state.

"Let's go Yankees," a voice chimes in. "C'mon Mets," says another, even less excitedly.

"This is New York City; no one tells us what neighborhood to live in or what team to root for,” says the narrator. “So are we going to let our mayor tell us what size beverage to buy?”

The ad was created by the same strategists who created the "Harry and Louise" ads, credited with taking down Bill Clinton's healthcare plan in the 90s.

New York City, of course, has had its own disgusting anti-soda advertisements for years. For example:

The Bloomberg-appointed New York City Board Of Health will decide on the soda ban after a public hearing on July 24th, during which New Yorkers For Beverage Choices likely hopes to make a big show of very upset New York accents.