New York State of Mind


Taxi Driver
Passenger/Hotel Guest
Hotel Bellhop

Setting: Now. Early evening. Midtown West. New York City.

The PASSENGER skims a newspaper as the TAXI DRIVER drives from Penn Station to a Westside Midtown hotel.

TAXI DRIVER: There's a lot of traffic.

PASSENGER: Mmm. There is.

Traffic slows considerably as they near the destination.

TAXI DRIVER: Something is going on up there. Do you want to get out at the corner?


TAXI DRIVER: If not, I'm going to have to go through that traffic after I drop you.

PASSENGER: I suppose so.

TAXI DRIVER: It would be better. You might as well. Look, your hotel is right in the middle of that block.

PASSENGER: Yes. The hotel is in the middle of the block.

The TAXI DRIVER pulls close to the curb and slows down. The TAXI DRIVER reaches toward the meter.

TAXI DRIVER: I thought you could get out and walk.

PASSENGER: In this heat? With a bag?

TAXI DRIVER: It has wheels.

The PASSENGER folds up the newspaper and sighs heavily.

PASSENGER: Don't stop the meter.

TAXI DRIVER: Are you sure?

PASSENGER: Why wouldn't I be?

TAXI DRIVER: I don't think you underst-

PASSENGER: I'll tell you what. Make believe I'm a white businessman and drop me off directly in front of the hotel. That is all.

The TAXI DRIVER drives to the hotel, and stops directly in front. The PASSENGER climbs out, pays the TAXI DRIVER, and immediately morphs into the HOTEL GUEST. The HOTEL GUEST briefly puts her luggage on the ground, and looks around for help. The HOTEL BELLHOP quickly walks toward her, then past her, and over to a taxi approaching the curb in front of the hotel. The HOTEL GUEST coughs very loudly and looks over at the HOTEL BELLHOP, nearby. A WHITE BUSINESSMAN gets out of the taxi and pays the driver. The HOTEL BELLHOP rushes over to the WHITE BUSINESSMAN and takes his bags.

THE HOTEL GUEST: Excuse me. I was here first.

HOTEL BELLHOP: Oh. I didn't see you.


THE HOTEL GUEST schleps her luggage inside to reception.

And So On, and So on....