The New York Subway Signs Experiment Makes MTA Conductors Point At Something Else

WATCH: New York Subway Conductors Point For A Reason

In the middle of all New York City subway platforms, there is a black-and-white striped board. When the conductor riding in the middle of the train sees it, that means that the train has been pulled all the way into the station. Conductors point at the board as an extra gesture to acknowledge that the train is stopped at the proper location on the platform, according to a helpful Redditor.

Yosef Lerner and Rose Sacktor chose to give those hardworking MTA conductors something else to point at during their shifts.

The duo arranged sign-holders to stand underneath the black-and-white boards while holding signs that read "Point here if you are dead sexy" and "Point here if you have seen a passenger naked," among other funny phrases to make the probably bored conductors smile and laugh.

The results, as seen in the video above, are pretty darn cute.

[via Gothamist]

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