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Emil Chynn, New York Surgeon, Offers $10,000 Charitable Donation For Introduction To Marriageable Woman

Dating in isn't easy in New York -- even for Ivy League-educated surgeons.

Just ask Dr. Emil Chynn, who recently posted a unique personal ad in the classified section of the Spring 2012 issue of Columbia University's alumni magazine, offering a $10,000 charitable donation for an introduction to the right woman:

LASEK SURGEON: Featured in NY Times/Wall Street Journal. Dartmouth, Columbia, Harvard, Emory, NYU degrees. Seeks smart, sweet, skinny SWF 30 for marriage. $10,000 donation to your charity for intro!

Chynn, 43, runs a successful surgical practice in Kips Bay, but his online reputation might just be what is keeping him from finding the right lady.

The Harvard educated doctor first caught the Internet's attention in February of 2010 when he emailed a 2,600 word rant to half of New York's media about his neighbor's rundown property near his Cornelia Street home.

One of Chynn's former neighbors contacted Gawker to relay one bizarre encounter he had with the doctor, telling the website, "His first email to me says: 'Hope to see you around the hood. I have a non-rent-paying housemate. A Six-foot blond model. She seems to think she can stay there without paying because she's all that."

The neighbor also added that Chynn asked him to make sure his housemate wasn't stealing things from him during the day.

Just a few weeks later, Chynn posted an ad on Craiglists seeking a female personal assistant who would live rent free in a studio on Park Avenue. The job requirements included spending an hour "either walking on my back... or if you are more than 115, you can just give me a deep massage," and helping him find a girlfriend.

"Part of your assignment will probably be to reactivate my profile and troll for dates for me, as i don't really have the time to do this properly," he wrote, adding that if the assistant succeeds, she'd be richly rewarded. "My parents will give you reward of $10,000 in cash, ie bills, so that's a bonus!"

Clearly, Chynn didn't find an assistant who could find him a wife, but he never lost faith in posting Craiglist ads. In March 2012, Gawker uncovered Chynn's insanely-detailed ad looking for an office manager, as his current one "runs a loose ship" and was unwilling to be hated by his staff.

We reached out to Chynn for comment to find out why he's having such a hard time finding the right woman, but have not heard back from him at this time.

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