New York Things I Miss When I Am In Italy

I know, Italy is a "dreamland" for most of us and I love it, of course. I think that during the years I lived there, I visited all the regions and a lot of cities and towns. It is a unique place. Still, since I moved here to New York, every time I leave, to go to visit my family, there are things that I really miss and the list gets longer every year. So don't blame me, just be proud that New York has something so special that can make you "homesick" even in Italy.

Here is my list:

1) Iced coffee
2) Riverside Park
(photo Angie Vitaliano)

3) Central PArk
3) The Subway 24/7, even with the rats (just kidding)
4) The light
(photo Angie Vitaliano)

5) Pancakes
6) Japanese food
7) The dog run
8) My gym
9) John Stewart
10) The New York Times at my front door
(photo Angie Vitaliano)

11) Bryant Park
12) Unknown doormen greeting you while you walk back home at night
13) The Apthorp (that I can see from my window)
14) American flags everywhere
(photo Angie Vitaliano)

15) Going out in my PJs
16) People ignoring you
17) People caring for you, in any circumstances
18) Dreamers
19) People who text instead of calling, and calling and calling again
20) Lincoln Centre
(photo Angie Vitaliano)

21) Rockaway beach, one train ride away
22) Brunch on Sunday
23) Ordering a cappuccino after a meal (it is against the Italian moral code LOL)
24) Magnolia Bakery blueberry jamboree
25) Fighting with the cab drivers, in two different languages, understanding each other
26) The 70 percent discount in the stores, all year long
27) The refunds (in Italy you never get a refund. When you are lucky, and you have a very good reason, they let you exchange your item with another one)
28) Sex and the City reruns (and Friends and Everybody loves Raymond)
29) Zabars
30) The new Rizzoli
31) Strawberry Field
32) The Circle Line
33) Broadway
34) The Chrysler
35) Thai food
36) Washington Square Park
37) The Brooklyn Bridge
38) My bike
39) No line at the bank
40) But more than everything, I miss a thing that is not even a thing: my dog, Dorothy.
(photo Angie Vitaliano)

Meanwhile, I will make no effort enjoying my parents and friends, tomatoes with a taste (of tomatoes), real gelato, bread that cost less than an apartment, the "controra" (those couple hours during the early afternoon when the streets are empty and life takes a break), the bidet, the Amalfi Coast (one of the closest thing to heaven, I guess), fresh buffalo mozzarella (fresh = made the same day!!!) and the fact that my English there sounds awesome.

(Photo courtesy of Gianluca Cecere)