New York Times Magazine's Matt Bai Joins Yahoo News

Veteran New York Times political writer Matt Bai joins Yahoo News.
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New York Times Magazine political writer Matt Bai has joined Yahoo News as national political columnist.

Bai, who spent 11 years at the Times magazine, will be reunited with Megan Liberman, a former Times magazine editor and deputy news editor who became Yahoo News' editor-in-chief in September.

"Matt has an ideal voice for Yahoo News," Liberman said Tuesday. "He has a singular ability to write about politics in a way that will connect with Yahoo News' broad readership and bring in younger readers who aren't always attracted to political commentary. I'm thrilled he is joining us."

He's also the second high-profile Times writer to decamp to Yahoo in recent weeks. Times columnist David Pogue joined Yahoo last month to lead an expansion of technology coverage.

Bai wrote about the changing nature of the Democratic Party and progressive movement in 2007's "The Argument" and is at work on a new book.

His departure from the Times magazine comes amid change at the top of the masthead.

Capital reported Monday night that Times magazine Hugh Lindgren was leaving at the end of the year. There has long been speculation that Times executive editor Jill Abramson could make a change at the magazine, with Monday's report signaling that a new editor will take over in the coming months.

And Bai's departure follows the news Tuesday morning that media reporter Brian Stelter is leaving for CNN, to report for the network and host "Reliable Sources."

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