There's A One-Word Story In The New York Times Today. Read It.


Never one to avoid zeitgeisty commentary on the real problems we all face, The New York Times published what may be the sassiest Tech Tip ever to appear in the business section.

Reporter Daniel Victor, apparently exhausted with some button-happy coworkers, published a one-word piece under the headline “When I’m Mistakenly Put on an Email Chain, Should I Hit ‘Reply All’ Asking to Be Removed?”

The replyallpocalypse, as these things have become known, led to some major internal strife at the Times’ headquarters. You can read the entire exchange, including gems like “I am the wrong recipent,” “many of us are wrong” and “please take me off this list ― immediately,” over at BuzzFeed.

Another option when dealing with a replyallpocalypse (as Victor himself pointed out)? Just mute the thread. Or, you know, get over it.