New York Times Is Off To A Good Start For The Year

The New York Times reported Thursday that advertising revenue for both its print and digital sides was up for the first quarter in several years.

The results came with the Q1 report: advertising revenue was up 3.4 percent. Print and digital advertising revenues increased 3.7 percent and 2.2 percent, respectively.

Ad revenue is an area that the Times and other newspapers have struggled with in recent years. For example, 2013 saw both print and digital ad revenue decline at the Times, even as digital subscriptions increased.

The major question now is whether the company will be able to sustain its recent growth. In a statement released Thursday, New York Times CEO Mark Thompson called the results a "good start" to the year, but cautioned against "claiming victory in advertising." "

"We expect continued month-to-month volatility and recognize that we will face some significantly tougher year-on-year comparisons as the year goes on," he said.

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