New York Times Surges To Third Place In Historic Newsroom Diversity Index

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Last week, I decided to tackle the problem of Hispanic exclusion in American newsrooms by blogging about it here in HuffPost. Within hours, Wikipedia was sandboxing. Within a day, the Internet had surfaced eighty-eight Latina’s employed across twenty-one mainstream American newsrooms. At the top were Fox News, NYPost, and CNN, with 15, 12, and 8 of their Latina colleagues indexed, respectively.

Over the weekend, new newsrooms were added to the growing list, including Bloomberg, Allure, and Marie Claire, but it was the New York Times fam who stole the show by jumping on group chat and brainstorming nine more Latinas employed by their newsroom. We now see four major U.S. newsrooms indexing low double-digits Latinas employed across their many newsrooms. These newsrooms are as follows:

  1. Fox News (15)
  2. CNN (14)
  3. New York Times (13)
  4. New York Post (13)
  5. Washington Post (7)

See and contribute to the full index here.

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