New York Times Throws Vicious Oscars Shade At Kevin Spacey

This tweet will live on in Academy Awards history.

The New York Times launched a Twitter zinger at actor Kevin Spacey during the Oscars’ red-carpet procession on Sunday.

Some got it, and appeared to appreciate the burn.

To a few others, it looked at first glance like the Times would have to issue one of its famous corrections because, well, the man pictured is Christopher Plummer. But noooooo. This was Grade-A dissing.

Spacey, of course, did not attend the Academy Awards. He faces multiple accusations of sexual misconduct, and was replaced by Plummer in reshoots after the film “All The Money In The World” was finished. The 88-year-old Plummer then went on to become the oldest man to earn an Oscar nomination for best supporting actor in his portrayal of J. Paul Getty.

He didn’t win Sunday, but the Times got to post a winner of an insult.

Can we get a rim shot for the Gray Lady?

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