Behind the Scenes With New Yorker Cartoonist, Pat Byrnes

As a cartoonist, one can't aspire any higher than the New Yorker. So it was very exciting to sit down for Fear No ART with New Yorker cartoonist Pat Byrnes in his home studio. In the video below, Pat maps out the critical elements in his cartoons and his routine with the New Yorker. He also explains the components necessary for a good cartoon and how being a cartoonist is a calling, not something one can really plan on becoming.

Pat keeps a small orange notebook on him at all times and jots down idea after idea after idea. Oddly, most successful cartoons don't come from life playing out perfectly in front of him, but rather twists and variations of scenarios.

In addition to his cartoons and books, Pat is also working on an app called, "smurks" which maps out the range of human emotion, and which psychologists are using to help autistic patients express themselves. This app has been a very exciting breakthrough and officially makes this stay-at-home dad one of the busiest artists around.