New Yorker Cover Highlights Mitt Romney's 'Shifting Positions' (PHOTO)

PHOTO: New Yorker Cover Hits Romney

The latest cover of the New Yorker hits Mitt Romney for flip-flopping.

The image, entitled “Skin Deep,” was done by Barry Blitt. It shows Mitt Romney with tattoos of words, including "pro-choice" and "47%," getting crossed out. Blitt said the cover was inspired by Norman Rockwell's "The Tattoo Artist," and that he could envision Romney "stepping out" of one of the artist's works.

"It’s not much of a stretch to imagine him in many of the wholesome, enduring American situations Rockwell painted," he explained.

“‘The Tattoo Artist’ features a sailor with a long list of girlfriends’ inked names crossed out on his arm. This seemed like a nice tableau for highlighting Mitt the politician’s shifting positions and convictions.”

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