New Yorker Cover Reimagines 'Rosie The Riveter' As A Woman Of Color

The illustration pays homage to the recent historic Women's March.

The New Yorker has released a glimpse of its next cover, and it’s a striking portrait of a new wave of feminism. 

Illustrated by artist Abigail Gray Swartz, the cover pays homage to the past, present and future of the feminist movement with an image of Rosie the Riveter reimagined as a woman of color. 

"The March" by Abigail Gray Swartz. 
"The March" by Abigail Gray Swartz. 

Titled “The March,” the cover makes reference to the recent Women’s March on Washington held on Jan. 21, where an estimated 2.6 million protestors around the world wore special pink knit hats in solidarity against President Trump’s anti-reproduction rights policies. 

It’s a significant choice to use a woman of color for the illustration, as some critics noted that the march needed a more intersectional approach to talking about and fighting for women’s rights for women of all races and ethnicities. 

Abigail Gray Swartz told the New Yorker that she attended a sister march held in Augusta Maine. 

“I marched for all those who need our support, for equality and diversity,” Swartz explained on Friday.

“And, even if I couldn’t take them with me, I marched for my 3-year-old son and for my 6-year-old daughter. I was there for them.”

The new issue will be available the week of Feb. 6. 



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