New Yorker Cover Goes Viral Because It's 'So Damn Relatable' For 2020

Artist Adrian Tomine’s depiction of life during the pandemic is "perfection," one fan wrote on Twitter.

The New Yorker’s new front page has gone viral because of the way many people think it perfectly sums up 2020 and the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

Artist Adrian Tomine’s illustration for the magazine’s Dec. 7 issue ― titled “Love Life” ― shows a woman video chatting, surrounded by “artifacts from daily pandemic life.”

“I have a feeling that, years from now, I might look back at this cover and have a kind of P.T.S.D. reaction to something as insignificant as a bottle of hand sanitizer,” Tomine said in an interview with the magazine.

Twitter users hailed the image’s relatability:

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