Man Buns Land On Cover Of The New Yorker, Hopefully Signaling The End

Please let it be over.
06/20/2017 10:56am ET
ROBYN BECK via Getty Images
Jared Leto pointing at all the men wearing man buns in Williamsburg.  

Men who wear man buns: you’ve officially been recognized.

The hairstyle made famous by Jared Leto ― and worn by every living, breathing hipster in Brooklyn ― has finally reached peak trendiness and landed itself on the cover of The New Yorker.

The artwork shows a heavily tattooed man wearing a tank top, laser-focused on crafting a top knot for his long hair:

Peter de Seve/ The New Yorker

Artist Peter de Sève, who created the cover, told the magazine about his muse(s) for the artwork:

“Brooklyn’s eccentricities are an endless font of inspiration for a guy in my line of work,” de Sève said. “I live in Park Slope, and my covers are often inspired by a person or place a few blocks from my home—if not right outside my window.”

Though the hairstyle took off a few years ago, this cover is proof the man bun’s popularity hasn’t slowed down one bit. At one point, Groupon even offered clip-on man buns for men who wanted the hairstyle but didn’t quite have the long locks to achieve it:

The fake buns were on sale for $9.99. 

Considering real man buns are believed to cause baldness, these fake buns might actually be the best option for men who wear the hairstyle often.

What a time to be alive.

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